Saturday, December 18, 2010

I would like to introduce you to someone....

His name is Xam. His registered name is Zelta's Swift Xam I Am! But we just call him Xam! I have to say we are really quite smitten with this guy. He is a registered "Canadian" horse which we find pretty neat! My Daughter has a real love for horses and has ever since she was very little. After many years of watching her big brother get dirt bike after dirt bike...(she was so patient)..we decided to put her in riding lessons just so she could be around horses. she has read book after books on horses and just have a real passion for them, we couldnt bare to see her not be able to interact with them. So we called around and was given the name of this lady in our area who has horses and offers lessons. We called her and Kenzie started the following week. Lets just say it warmed our heart to see our little girl so happy! shortly after Kenzie started her lessons there were 3 Canadian colts born on the farm where we take Kenzie for her lessons. We had a chance to pet and play with these little guys, they were so adorable(i had never petted a foal before) and so this was even amazing for me too. These colts were so cute, just like little puppy dogs! We sure enjoyed seeing these little guys and I would often have to stop and take pictures whenever I had the chance. So Kenzie had expressed how much she wanted a horse and we started searching. So when Kenzie's riding lesson teacher said to us that she would sell us one of her Canadian colts to us...well we just knew that it felt right. (Did I mention to you how wonderful this lady is...because I really want to tell you that she has been so so good with McKenzie, teaching her and including her in things that they do with the all teary eyed when I think of how good she has been to our daughter...we feel blessed to have her mentor and teach our daughter, we really do)!!! We purchased Xam on November 20th and have been so taken with this little guy! snicker snicker...hes really not that little (450 lbs) but they are little compared to the other horses! I have so many pictures of all of her horses as we have had a chance to get to see them and play with them all. I am so surprised at their little personalities and social skills, and how intelligent that they are. They are so magestic and beautiful I can see why Kenzie is so interested in them!! anyways....enough talking, here are some pictures of the cutie pie and his buddies!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Its a wrap......

Well we have been so busy this Christmas season. Decorating, planning, consults, concerts, baking and running with kids. So many new ideas im trying to put to motion....ah some days It feels like I wish there was a twin that could help me out!!! but I do enjoy it all...I really do! I was making Almond rocha as I always do at Christmas time, Kenzie was busy making Christmas cards and she said to me smells like Christmas! You know what it really did! The lights were on the trees, presents were wrapped baking was going on. I was enjoying my coffee and ribbons were in bowls waiting to be used and it just felt like Christmas!
We have bought a real tree for Christmas now for the last 10 years or so...I have to say it just smells so nice too!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

white weddings.....

Flowers in the eiffel tower vases.
white trees all lit up behind head table.

margarrita vases filled with fresh flowers!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black, Bright pink and White...a striking combination!

Check this wow factor wedding out.......

We took a blank hall....

click on photos to have a closer look!!!

Eiffel tower vases and white trees....

white trees lighted all corners of the room..while white ribbon effect was drapped from the ceiling...they danced the night away under white lanterns! Fresh white lillies, yellow spidermums, vibrant pink carnations and bright green buttons set in eiffel tower and margaritta vases alternating tables. Candlelight was reflecting on the mirror table centerpieces! oh so pretty!!!!!

More summer time weddings....

Wow I really need to update and post more often....its Christmas time and here I am still looking at and posting last summer photos! We have a busy year ahead of us too! Weddings are booked and summer is filling up fast. Right now I am in the middle of Decorating for Christmas, baking, shopping Christmas concerts and parties and having consults I will try to keep up with posts.

We have added alot of new urns and trees centerpieces to rent....and we are looking forward to another year of Decorating for your special events!!!!!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Beautiful summer wedding...

Chunky Vintage chalk boards with wimsical handwriting are a great way to welcome your guests. We have a lot to choose from.
check out this was delish! Buttery creamy frosting. oh la la! and guess what the bottom layer was... carrot cake!!! yes and it was fabulous! Shout out to our great bakery in town....Schimmells!

How fun are those centerpieces...and they smelled so great!!! Fresh orange and lemon slices toped off with a pretty, durable fun fresh mum!

click on photos to enlarge

How fun are these colors.....Fresh Yellow and bright oranges and fun pinks....

A summer Wedding set in the Beautiful Cypress Hills Park resort

click on photos for closer look

click on pictures for closer look
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