Saturday, October 29, 2011

Frontier days parade....

I got up early in the morning and took donuts and coffee over to Mitzy and the kids.... Mitzy is Kenzies riding lesson teacher, Owner of Zelta Swift horses...She is where we bought and board Kenzies horse Xam..
The day was a beautiful sunny Saskatchewan summer day! Great day to watch a parade...We were so proud of Kenzie in the parade riding one of Mitzys horses...Josey...she is a Canadian horse. I have to admitt a tear rolled down my cheek when i seen her all dressed up in Canadian Colors hair braided and waving with smiles as she rode down the streets of Swift Current on a Canadian horse... :)
Swift Current puts on a great parade and it was very interesting to see the different enteries!!

 Somebody needs to invent a little pick to keep the chocolate on the like the pizza boxes have!!!
 Even the horses got treats...good ole Tim

 Our Cousin ....Premier Brad Wall

 Kenzie, Mitzy, Mylan and Jodie in the parade!
 I couldnt resist taking a cute picture of this cutie!!! :)
 My son actually let me take his picture.... Its very rare I get to do that!! He is growing up so fast! Cole age 15!!

 My how times have changed! how funny!!
 I want this car!!! Seriously.... Yellow oh i love it!!!!!

 I love old Vintage stuff and especially old cars...
 Wouldnt be a parade without a Saskatchewan Rough Rider Float....:)

Frontier Days....

Kenzie and I went to the annual Swift Current Frontier days fair ....i go for the candy apples..(wink) she goes to ride on the wildest rides. I used to be able to do that...I can hardly stand to even watch them anymore and my stomach is turning. I do love to go for all the lights and excitement.

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Pillar curtian backdrop...

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Friday, October 28, 2011

one WICKED show.....

 Kenzies reaction when we spotted a poster.... Thats what we are going to see mom????
But She LOVED loved it!

 All the planters matched downtown.... i love the green plant...i think its creeping jenny but not sure.

This was cool...
 The set was amazing.... this was the only picture i snapped...
Some body's Excited!!! lol  She hates it when i snap pictures! oh well....

I have never been to a musical and I must say....WOW! It was such an experience. My sister and I usually get together for a girls weekend and we get tickets to a concert... We have been to Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Reba , Kelly Clarkson, Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban.... This year we made a last minute decision and i got us tickets to the Broadway musical Wicked!!! And was it awesome.... my daughter talked about it for days.
If you get a chance to go see it...GO!! We took a few days and relaxed in Saskatoon.... we stayed at the beautiful Sheraton in downtown Saskatoon...enjoyed shopping and relaxing walks along the river.. Beautiful city....Even the planters full of flowers all over the city were so pretty. I want to try get some of that bright green plant for my planters next year!  Cant wait till we have our next GIRLS weekend! Good memories and good times!!